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off and on

April 14, 2010

So, March is gone and so is most of April . . .  I still haven’t filed my taxes, I can still do that tomorrow . . .

I have been working a lot, still at Bigbox Insurance Company working as a “consultant” (temp), since the end of November.  It’s good, so not stressful.  Evil corporate culture is actually pretty nice, growing on me.  I love not working at the doctor’s office, I love not working with all women, I love just not being the manager.

My first day as a full-time hire is supposed to be May 3rd, I have been told the job is mine, but I hate to believe it until the deal is done.  I was supposed to be hired in mid-February, but there were some lay-offs, so it was probably for the best that I was not hired first.

I am sick and tired of being fat, although I have not gained a pound since I started working at Bigbox, and the cafeteria is fantastic . . . they have great food, so many choices, and load of healthy options.  I am at 196 lbs (13 stone, 4 lbs), size 18 on the top, 16 on the bottom.  It has been really hard finding acceptable clothes for work, I have nice clothes in my closet, but they don’t fit anymore, they are all 12-14.  And my BMI is 32, I have hypertension (although that has been better since I am not working as practice manager anymore), something has to be done, serious.

I started Atkins this week, a woman at work was telling me about her experience so I got the book (new for 2010).  I love meat, even though I have been trying to stay away from it because of my weight, according to Atkins that has been like self-sabotage.  I have never had much of a sweet tooth, so giving up the sugar is no big thing at all.  I am hooked on chips and fries, I have trouble getting through the day without a fried potato product . . . but if going without chips and fries and starchy foods can help me be healthy I am willing to give them up.  Permanently.

The most appealing part of using Atkins as opposed to any other diet plan is that people say they do not get the diet hunger.  I am still feeling it, but I think it is mostly mental, just because I am saying no to what I think i want.  I’ll get over it, I am not truly hungry with growling and such, just a bit of craving salty, starchy foods that I am used to.

That’s what’s up, maybe I’ll be back tomorrow.

fresh update

February 21, 2010

I have had my tattoo for four weeks:


January 31, 2010

Beginning today I have ventured my first 6 hours on a journey. I am going to work 13 days in a row for the first time since college. I’m just a tad older now so this might be a bit more wearing on me than the last time.

My glasses are already proving to be too weak, I have been able to wear them all the time up until a couple weeks ago, now they are messing with my distance vision. All this reading and close-up work is getting to my eyes. I may need bifocals much earlier than I had imagined.

What is very exciting about the next couple weeks is that my paycheck is going to be the bomb-diggity, and I’m going to feel quite accomplished about the whole deal. This new job is the most I have ever focused on coding alone. I have been getting more experiance than I could have ever gotten as a practice manager.

The house is a mess, my eating habbits are shot to shit, the book next to my bed is collecting dust, and so it all shall remain for at least the next two weeks.


January 26, 2010

All I would like to do is browse the full site, but, as a cruel, cruel joke everytime I go to turn the moble site off it will not move. It worked last week.


January 19, 2010

I got this new tattoo on Saturday.  I did it because it means something to me.  Because I have lived a hard life and I can’t even begin to tell about it on this little blog.  Because I need a reminder that I am alright, so I can keep moving forward.

I took these first two photos a few hours after I had it done.  The man who did it got it just right, he was super.  Liz came with me, she sat next to me and knit.  There was a man next to me getting a graveyard piece on his entire back, not my kind of thing, but the artistry was beautiful.  If you are serious about finding out who did this for me send me an email and I will give you the info.

The word “contrite” apears in Psalm 51:17 . . . The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not dispise.  When I first decided on this idea as a tattoo I really wanted it on this spot, but I thought that I would go with a good chunk of the line like this:

“a broken spirit:

a broken and

contrite heart”

But it would have to be too large for the forearm, so I figured I would get it on the outside of my calf.  But I was thinking, too, that my only regret with my first tattoo is  that it is in a spot where I can’t really see it.  I really wanted it where I can look at it all the time, and I figured just the one word is not as creepy seeming as the whole bit.  I think what I ended up with worked out perfect.

Here is a photo I took today.   I tried to wear long sleeves, but the shirt kept rubbing off the ointment and letting it dry out, so I rolled up the sleeves.  This afternoon a woman spotted it and asked me if it was a stamp.  The woman at the desk next to me is a hoot, she told me that i should have gotten a cat and a dog on my chest so that I could push the clevage together and “make them fight.”  HA!

don’t wanna

January 14, 2010

I don’t feel like blogging, really have very little to say. Just been working a lot on a big project at work. I did take this picture of my sister’s new puppy:

sad thing

January 11, 2010

I am working as a contractor for a large corporation. I was signed onto the project by an employment agency as a temp. to perm. employee. My contract is for two and a half months, then I may or may not be offered a perminent position, the supervisor says he will hire me, I don’t trust it until I see the paperwork, but I hope this will be the case.

There are two other ladies that just started last week doing the same type of work as me, but they are stricktly temps. just for this project.

Another woman started today, as a temp, but her agency told her that she would be working contract for one month, and then hired on, but that was not true.

Here is the sad thing: She quit a full time position at another company for this job she was told would be full time perm. When the project is over next month she will have nothing.

dudes, get your junk toether

January 6, 2010

Tonight I had to pick up a couple prescriptions, a new painkiller for my knee (I fell on it, slipped on ice) and a refill for a regular med.

I had just run out of the regular pills this morning, and I just saw the orthopedist about the knee this afternoon and had my written script in hand. Went to the drive through to drop them off, went for dinner with Liz and went back about 45 minutes later to the drive through.

The woman who answered at the window told me that my regular med could not be refilled because it was too early. I told her that I had just finished the bottle and had none for the morning, so of course it was not too early. She said “hold on” walked away and didn’t come back for several minutes. Meanwhile we are sitting in my running car. When she came back she said that it could be refilled, but there was a problem with my new prescription and it would be a little while before it was ready. I asked if it was going to be long enough that I should shut off my car. She just said again that it would “be a few minutes.” I told her we would come back in like 15, she seemed to be relieved that I had said that.

So we left and went across the street to Starbucks so that I could use my Starbucks gold card one last time, today was the last day of the membership program and I wanted to make one last purchase with the 10% discount. I bought three boxes of the VIA instant coffee, I like to have it at my desk. There is no coffee maker in the office, and even if there was, only the Keurig is good enough for my taste in the office. There is a coffee place in the building, and they “proudly brew Starbucks coffee” but I had a cup when I first started and I still feel my face making an “uck” whenever someone asks me if I want to go downstairs for coffee.

So anyway, then we went back to the pharmacy and I was now told that the new drug was not on my insurance company’s formulary. I knew this could not be right because it is a non-narcotic generic painkiller, certanly not the cadillac of new-and-improved fancypants brand name type deals. I said “what?? How much will just a few cost?” she didn’t even answer my question, she just walked away and when she came back she said that it was covered, so the 35 pills would cost me $16 instead of the full price $19.

Now that I think about it, I hope my knee doesn’t hurt this bad for long enough to need 35 pills. I should have just had half the prescription filled.

So then the woman started to ring me up, but she stopped very suddenly, and I figured this could not be good. She told me that she could not give me the new pills because I am allergic to opiates—–to which I replied “No I’m not.” Because I’m not. She then said that I was. I said again that I’m not and she said (yet once again) “hold on.” Then she asked if I was allergic to any medications or had any “conditions.” I told her “I might have an anger managment problem, does that count?” We both had a good laugh over that, and She then procceded to sell me my prescriptions and I drove away in dire need of more serious medications than had been dispensed to me.

Dude, I have been using this pharmacy for all of my pill needs for more than three years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

Liz pulled out her cell phone to tweet this little experiance before we pulled out of the parking lot. I told Liz to stop stealing my tweets.

Oh, and my sister, who is a nurse, told me that the pills I got are not even an opiate, and could not cause a reaction even if I was allergic. Huh.

new decade, new camera

January 5, 2010

In 2000 the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a fancy brand new Canon Rebel EOS SLR with the 18-80 upgrade lens and a AAA battery grip for extended shooting. This was when a 3.5 mp digital point and shoot camera was like a million-trillion dollars, and I didn’t even dare to dream that a digital SLR could ever find it’s way into my hands. These were the cameras of professional photographers, and even then I knew that would never be anything close to a professional.

Christmas 2000 I got my fancy camera, and I have always loved it. It took fantastic pictures, even for me as a self-taught beginner. It was not too long after I got my camera that I was sitting in class and a photographer was in the room taking photos for the college’s website. I asked the photographer a few questions (much to the anoyance of the professor) and then asked “Where does the film go?” Because there was a ton of fancy buttons and a large LCD, where would the film go in, was it some weird drop-and-load? He explained that there was no film! All the pros use digital. That evening in the computer lab I took a few moments away from my online journaling on Geocities and did some research to see how much that sort of hot camera could run, it was well over a couple grand.

Never the less, the dream I did not dare to dream has come true because I am now the owner of one Canon Rebel EOS DSLR with 10.1mp and a pro battery grip. Thanks to my father in law’s very generous cash gift and a little dent in my bank account.

I can’t wait to get settled with it and start posting photos!

new job, new year

January 4, 2010

Here’s what’s new:
•have resolved to be back to blogging
•have also resolved to read more
•started a new job in December
•left the old job (no, starting a new job doesn’t always mean leaving the old one)

The new job is at a ginormous corporation and I am finding that being a coporate cog is somewhat refreshing. There is, for one, a huge fantastic caffeteria that I am totally loving, and it seems to have become the first thing that I mention when people ask me about the new job. All the food is fresh, some of it is organic, and some of it is purchased locally. My favorite lunch, that I have had a couple times each week, is a baked potato with a cup of vegan chili. The other great thing about this job is that I am no longer resposible for goings on of an entire entity. I am responsible for my own self and the work I accomplish. Being the boss was no freakin’ fun so I am super glad that it’s over. Maybe I will give it another swing in another time and place. Far, far in the future.

The book I am reading now is: Snoop, by Sam Gosling. I am on page 35.

long time no see

October 15, 2009

i know that it’s been a while and it’s a long story.  i am looking for a new job, still working at the old one even though i quit in may.  just call me crazy.

i’m training the new me.  she is a nice lady, doing great.  i figured dr. boss would want me to go asap because she is now paying for two, although there is plenty of work to go around . . . i finally feel caught up for the first time since i started in april 2007, but no, dr. boss was asking me to go to a meeting with her and the new me in mid-november.

if you know someone looking for a medical coder email me.  please.

toilet training.

May 20, 2009


i am now entirely too bored with cleaning cat secretions.  my cats will be toilet trained.  as soon as i can order the litter kwitter on amazon this blog will take a deep turn for the worst.  (as if it wasn’t bad enough aleady)

now i am crying.

March 10, 2009

new *hair* obsession

February 20, 2009

the whole “no shampoo” or “no ‘poo” hair fad has really caught my attention starting with a chaz dean info-mercial for “wen” and then i saw this new york times article that has been kicking around on the internets.  my hair (and face) are super oily.  gross oily.  overactive nasty oily.  i figured that if i didn’t shampoo my hair it would lead to mega disaster, so forget that . . . maybe if wen was not almost $30 for 16oz i would consider trying it.

then liz and i were strolling though the new section at the christmas tree shop and way up on a top shelf this caught my eye:


way, way up there on the top and i still heard that little light in my brain go “ding.  look at that.”  it smelled good, which might make me want to buy most anything (hence my love for bath and body care products, so many of them smell good).  the cucumber smells nice, but i liked the smell of the olive better, but the olive was for dry hair, and mine is not dry.  the “hair one” is available at sally beauty supply for $10 as well as the christmas tree shop for $9.

here is a picture of my hair after a recent haircut, it’s all styled up, but i washed it with shampoo.  let’s call this the “before picture”:

hair before pic

after a few weeks of “hair one” washing i will update with an after picture.  i would also really, really like to try “wen” but i’m not sure i will get around to it because it involves internet ordering . . . although it is available on amazon.

the good, the bad and the ugly:

February 11, 2009

the good:  i can access wordpress to post to my blog form the public library.

“why is this good?” you ask . . .

the bad: our computer crashed.  kuplunk.  done, gone, dead.  photos.  music.  liz’s knitting paterns, also gone.

the ugly: we are able to access the internets at home apart from our internets able cellular telephones. 

“why, how??” you ask . . .

well, with my decade old gateway solo 1200 of course

“how will this effect me?” you ask.  my posts will be fewer and furtherbetween for the time being.  the computer is getting a brand spanking new hard drive, and should be back in action this weekend, but it will take me some time to get my junk together after this massive blow.

less soreness

January 27, 2009

i bought the jvc air cushion in-ear phones for just under $30, by far the most expensive pair i have ever purchased.  the sound quality is by far the best i experienced, maybe even better than my full size noise canceling headphones.  they feel alright, not popping out or causing sharp pain, but still like there is something large in there.


  • no unbearable pain
  • great sound
  • they lay flush against my head, so i can wear them while laying on my side (bedtime listening is very important)
  • blocks out a lot of ambient noise
  • lower price point


  • i can hear everything in my head, like chewing, swallowing, breathing, my jaw clicking (just turn that shit up louder!)
  • if my cat chews the wire i will be $30 pissed, instead of my usual $9.99 pissed
  • pushes the cartilage at the front of my ear outward, but not as badly as everything else i have tried

my ears are sore

January 25, 2009


i love earbuds for several reasons:

  • they woun’t mess up my hair
  • i can shove them in my purse or a pocket
  • they work fine for bedtime listening (i am a side-sleeper)
  • they are fairly unobtrusive
  • i can wear them under a hat

there is one thing i really hate about earbuds: they are too big for my teeny-tiny ears and they hurt.

liz’s solution was a pair of phillips earclips:


they feel nice, but i cannot wear them to bed, and they are a bit too bulky for my needs.

if i had my way i would get a pair of “shure” earbuds . . . but at close to $500, forget that.

any suggestions?

fun times

January 11, 2009


last month we were visiting friends that i love to play scrabble with, but apparently i am the only one of the four of us who doesn’t get tired of scrabble.  our friends pulled out rummikub.  i had never played before, but liz and i have been trying to learn new games (because she is tired of loosing scrabble, i’m sure) and played rummy with a deck of cards, so we were up for it.

rummikub was very easy to learn, with the same basic principal of setting matches and runs as the card game.  we had a ball, and a few weeks later bought the game.  when my family came over for the holiday we all played for a few hours, and everybody had fun with it.  my sister immediately bought a set and made my parents play with her for the rest of their visit.  my mother said that she was going to buy it when they get home, and my father moaned and groaned a bit, but he liked it too.

i was hopping that i could get liz to play rummikub with me more often because she seems to think it is easier than scrabble, and therefore less stressful, but so foar not so much luck.

and to think that when we got our scrabble set liz practically had to beg me in the store to agree to play with her.  i am so, so, so very bad at spelling that i thought i could never play well enough to have fun . . . but that ended up not being entirely as important as forming smaller, easier to spell words.  my scrabble game is not great, but good enough to hold my own with a game played with four.  i never would have guess scrabble would be my favorite game.

it’s what’s for dinner . . . and breakfast:

January 11, 2009


martha stewart’s apple razberry slab pie.  last night with champagne, this morning with coffee and orange juice.

last day

January 10, 2009

this is my parent’s last day in town, back to peonix they go tomorrow.  i made it.