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April 14, 2010

So, March is gone and so is most of April . . .  I still haven’t filed my taxes, I can still do that tomorrow . . .

I have been working a lot, still at Bigbox Insurance Company working as a “consultant” (temp), since the end of November.  It’s good, so not stressful.  Evil corporate culture is actually pretty nice, growing on me.  I love not working at the doctor’s office, I love not working with all women, I love just not being the manager.

My first day as a full-time hire is supposed to be May 3rd, I have been told the job is mine, but I hate to believe it until the deal is done.  I was supposed to be hired in mid-February, but there were some lay-offs, so it was probably for the best that I was not hired first.

I am sick and tired of being fat, although I have not gained a pound since I started working at Bigbox, and the cafeteria is fantastic . . . they have great food, so many choices, and load of healthy options.  I am at 196 lbs (13 stone, 4 lbs), size 18 on the top, 16 on the bottom.  It has been really hard finding acceptable clothes for work, I have nice clothes in my closet, but they don’t fit anymore, they are all 12-14.  And my BMI is 32, I have hypertension (although that has been better since I am not working as practice manager anymore), something has to be done, serious.

I started Atkins this week, a woman at work was telling me about her experience so I got the book (new for 2010).  I love meat, even though I have been trying to stay away from it because of my weight, according to Atkins that has been like self-sabotage.  I have never had much of a sweet tooth, so giving up the sugar is no big thing at all.  I am hooked on chips and fries, I have trouble getting through the day without a fried potato product . . . but if going without chips and fries and starchy foods can help me be healthy I am willing to give them up.  Permanently.

The most appealing part of using Atkins as opposed to any other diet plan is that people say they do not get the diet hunger.  I am still feeling it, but I think it is mostly mental, just because I am saying no to what I think i want.  I’ll get over it, I am not truly hungry with growling and such, just a bit of craving salty, starchy foods that I am used to.

That’s what’s up, maybe I’ll be back tomorrow.

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