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new decade, new camera

January 5, 2010

In 2000 the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a fancy brand new Canon Rebel EOS SLR with the 18-80 upgrade lens and a AAA battery grip for extended shooting. This was when a 3.5 mp digital point and shoot camera was like a million-trillion dollars, and I didn’t even dare to dream that a digital SLR could ever find it’s way into my hands. These were the cameras of professional photographers, and even then I knew that would never be anything close to a professional.

Christmas 2000 I got my fancy camera, and I have always loved it. It took fantastic pictures, even for me as a self-taught beginner. It was not too long after I got my camera that I was sitting in class and a photographer was in the room taking photos for the college’s website. I asked the photographer a few questions (much to the anoyance of the professor) and then asked “Where does the film go?” Because there was a ton of fancy buttons and a large LCD, where would the film go in, was it some weird drop-and-load? He explained that there was no film! All the pros use digital. That evening in the computer lab I took a few moments away from my online journaling on Geocities and did some research to see how much that sort of hot camera could run, it was well over a couple grand.

Never the less, the dream I did not dare to dream has come true because I am now the owner of one Canon Rebel EOS DSLR with 10.1mp and a pro battery grip. Thanks to my father in law’s very generous cash gift and a little dent in my bank account.

I can’t wait to get settled with it and start posting photos!

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  1. January 7, 2010 1:23 pm

    I have the Canon EOS 400D and love it.

    Not that I ever use it anymore. too much of a pain to lug around!

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