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fun times

January 11, 2009


last month we were visiting friends that i love to play scrabble with, but apparently i am the only one of the four of us who doesn’t get tired of scrabble.  our friends pulled out rummikub.  i had never played before, but liz and i have been trying to learn new games (because she is tired of loosing scrabble, i’m sure) and played rummy with a deck of cards, so we were up for it.

rummikub was very easy to learn, with the same basic principal of setting matches and runs as the card game.  we had a ball, and a few weeks later bought the game.  when my family came over for the holiday we all played for a few hours, and everybody had fun with it.  my sister immediately bought a set and made my parents play with her for the rest of their visit.  my mother said that she was going to buy it when they get home, and my father moaned and groaned a bit, but he liked it too.

i was hopping that i could get liz to play rummikub with me more often because she seems to think it is easier than scrabble, and therefore less stressful, but so foar not so much luck.

and to think that when we got our scrabble set liz practically had to beg me in the store to agree to play with her.  i am so, so, so very bad at spelling that i thought i could never play well enough to have fun . . . but that ended up not being entirely as important as forming smaller, easier to spell words.  my scrabble game is not great, but good enough to hold my own with a game played with four.  i never would have guess scrabble would be my favorite game.

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  1. nick crawford permalink
    August 10, 2009 10:57 am

    shut up I love scrabble and josh refuses to play with me, he claims he doesnt know how!? lets get together and play… screw liz and josh

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