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i’m very boring

i live a relatively boring life. went to a small new england college, majored in religious studies. lived with my parents for quite some time. worked at a bookstore for too many years, at this time i lived with my boss for a couple years. took a medical coding course as a last ditch effort to make something of myself. got a crap ass job as a medical biller (but i got a good paycheck). got a better job as a medical practice manager, which i ditched to become a corporate cog at an insurance company. i am married to a great girl (oh, and i am a girl too, that makes me a homosexual).

i like to read. i like to watch tv, but we don’t have cable (no, it is not a crime). i like to shop, but mostly look not buy. most of all i like to obsess about my cats. does that make me crazy??

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