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January 31, 2010

Beginning today I have ventured my first 6 hours on a journey. I am going to work 13 days in a row for the first time since college. I’m just a tad older now so this might be a bit more wearing on me than the last time.

My glasses are already proving to be too weak, I have been able to wear them all the time up until a couple weeks ago, now they are messing with my distance vision. All this reading and close-up work is getting to my eyes. I may need bifocals much earlier than I had imagined.

What is very exciting about the next couple weeks is that my paycheck is going to be the bomb-diggity, and I’m going to feel quite accomplished about the whole deal. This new job is the most I have ever focused on coding alone. I have been getting more experiance than I could have ever gotten as a practice manager.

The house is a mess, my eating habbits are shot to shit, the book next to my bed is collecting dust, and so it all shall remain for at least the next two weeks.

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