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sunday shopping

June 1, 2008

i am in desperate need of new clothing, i have been starting to feel like i am going to work in things that would be more appropriate for a trip to home depot.  my boss couldn’t care less if i showed up to the office in my pajamas and slippers just so long as i work, sometimes her clothing choices are more than questionable.  the clinical assistants wear scrubs, the nurse practitioners wear business casual, and i have been seen in old tops and l.l.bean stretch pants.  the creepy thing is that my boss and i have a few of the same items in our closets, and have even been in to the office wearing the exact same thing on the same day.

anyway, all and all, i have been feeling a little unprofessional.  my summer clothes are a bit nicer than my winter clothes (most of which have come from l.l. bean and are worn with a faux shearling vest to cover up my back-fat).  unfortunately some of my favorite things are much too small for me now, i am a size 18 with a closet full of size 12.  my summer outfits are mostly composed of elastic waist linen pants and cotton tees from j.jill.

we hit target and j.jill this morning.  target does not have much that i find appealing in my size, they used to be a bit better (maybe it had something to do with shopping for a 12 and not an 18).  so i picked up a much needed new bra and some panties.  at j.jill i got two tops and a skirt, i wanted more but it’s just not in the budget.  oh well, it’s a good start and maybe soon i will be closer to wearing a few items hanging in the back of my closet.

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  1. June 2, 2008 2:32 pm

    I’ve got a closet just chock full of the different sizes I’ve gone through. Good luck shopping! I find the higher you go, the worse the selection and style. Ugh.

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