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January 2, 2009

modifyed pom-tini

liz saw this recipe for a pomtini while watching martha.  liz made martha’s recipe for our belated christmas eve dinner.  while romping through our little local liquor store earlier this week we got a small bottle of pama to see how it mixes up.  here is the simple recipe i put together:

1 shot pama

1 shot absolute ruby red vodka

tonic water

generous squeeze of fresh lime, reserve a curl of zest

a spoonful of fresh pomegranate seeds

spoon pomegranate seeds into the bottom of a 6 oz glass.  in a shaker with ice mix the pama, vodka, and lime juice (shake vigorously).  pour the mixture into the glass, fill the rest of the glass with cold tonic water and drop in lime zest.  the seeds start to float to the top and make a nice burst of flavor when drinking.

enjoy.  if you make this recipe with your own twist be sure to tell me so i can try it out too!

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