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a great big bottle

November 17, 2008


i drink a lot of water.  i like it.  i’m thirsty.

i purchase spring water in 3 liter bottles, usually 6 at a time, one for every workday of the week plus one for good measure, like i said . . . i’m thirsty.  i drink straight from the bottle.

when i am not working i carry a liter aluminum bottle of water, plus i have a few spear 3 liter bottles in my car “just in case” i feel the need to drink while driving, which i tend to do.

in the morning as soon as i wake up i go to the bathroom to empty my batter and i begin filling it right away with a few big gulps from the tap.  i then drink a full 8oz. glass with my morning pills.  i shower and start to get ready for work with either a cup of coffee or another glass of water.  i tend to drink another glass before i walk out the door.  i will drink a few swigs from a 3 liter bottle while i am driving to work.  at work i have 1-2 cups of coffee and 1-2 cups of green or black tea a day along with all but the very last of a 3 liter bottle.  i will then take that bottle with me into the car and drink more on my way home.  when i get home i will have a snack with either water or an adult beverage.  if the weather is cold i will have 2-3 large cups of herbal tea.  before bed i will have a glass or 2 with my nighttime pills.  sometimes i will take a glass with me to bed and drink most of it if i wake up, otherwise i will get out of bed and head for the kitchen for some cold water, especially after a salty dinner.

people at work make fun of me because of my high consumption rate.  and they seem to find it comical that i drink directly from the 3 liter bottle, which is just about as large as a gallon.  sometimes i feel self-conscious and i will pour it into my mug, but i really don’t see the need for this.  one of the women at work is diabetic, and she had decided that only a diabetic would feel like drinking so much water, so she guilts me into letting her test my blood-sugar, but it is always normal.

really, i think i am just thirsty.  some of the ladies at work drink a crap-load of soda and don’t think twice, why is it amusing to them that i like water??

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