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the gold is in the card

November 14, 2008


yes, i am an addict.  thank god for the kuerig, or i would be a daily user.  i use at least once a week, sometimes twice.  usually i double up with a breakfast sandwich.  one the way to work in the summer i get a venti tripple nonfat latte, hot and a venti iced green tea, extra-strong unsweetened.  since i bought the iced beverage tumbler at the beginning of the summer i was able to take it easy on the coffee/tea morning combo by carrying in iced tea from home during the warm months.

a few weeks ago liz forwarded me an email from starbucks announcing the upcoming availability of a membership card offering 10% off purchases (including things like mugs and coffee makers).  the membership costs $25, and i figure that i—a moderate user, should have earned back my $25 within 5-6 months of discounted purchases.  my friend tim is practically a heavy user with 4-5 soy lattes a week, i bet tim would get his money’s worth in 3 or 4 months.  so, my point here is that i was pretty interested in the gold card right away.

this morning i walked into starbucks and saw the gold card next to the register and pounced . . . i did not realize that i was supposed to be getting a free drink with my gold card purchase, and apparently neither did the manager at my starbucks store of choice, because she did not give me one.  she also told me that my $25 membership fee would be loaded onto my card, which it was not.  i will speak to this manager at my next visit (i went to college with said manager, just thought i should mention that).  apart from these mishaps i still would have purchased the card.

today i went to a regional  work meeting and won a $10 starbucks gift card in a little raffle.  this must have been a sign.  this is my second raffle win in less than two weeks (i knew 30 would be a good year for me).

supposedly, i am not suposed to share the card, but just between me and you, reader: liz and i will work out a schedule to share the card and wrongfully maximize our savings.

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  1. liz permalink
    November 15, 2008 12:29 pm

    I kinda knew I shouldn’t have sent you that e-mail…

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