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starchy unpleasantness

October 15, 2008

this weekend i made my first risotto.  it was from a box.  it was not good.  my foodie hero, gordan ramsey, yells and swears about risotto on “hell’s kitchen,” so not only would he be screaming at me for making a bad risotto, but he would be disgusted by the notion of risotto from a mix.  i should have figured that although a rice pilaf dish can be good from a box, risotto would not quite fit the description of “delicious” but rather that of “starchy unpleasantness.”

people tend to think i am a good cook, this is only because i know my limits—there are certain things that i know i’d best not even attempt.  most of the time i get lucky, sometimes not so (the purple pork chops, namely).

simple foods are most appealing to me, i like fish and chicken, something easy in a pan or on a grill.  veggies roasted or steamed with seasoning and olive oil.  a quick wine sauce from a deglazed pan.  liz used to joke that i was like “doorknock dinners” because i can make a full dinner out of ingredients remaining in the fridge or cupboard that won’t catch her eye.  like a perfectly good pasta dish after we have run out of tomato sauce, or some type of doctored up rice noodle soup.

sometimes i go through fazes when i want to make the same thing over and over, in the past i have been hooked on cooking: chicken soup, veggie lasagna, egg-filled tomatoes.  more recently: crab cakes, maccaroni and cheese (alton brown’s recipe modified), and pan-cooked chicken breast with white wine sauce.

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