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not the first and not the last

August 2, 2008

last night i made my third 911 call. we smelled something burning, this had happened before, on super bowl sunday, when our neighbor fell asleep while he was heating up some chicken wings in the oven. so before anymore smoke could vent into our condo i went outside to knock on tony’s door (you can read a little more about tony here). i rang the bell several times with no answer, i started knocking and banging on the door and there was still no answer. i could see in the kitchen window, there were two burners lit up on the stove and tons of smoke. there were no flames, thank god. i ran inside and told liz i was going to call the police . . . liz said just call 911, that seemed like a great idea.

i made the call on liz’s cell, started giving info and continued to bang on the door, still no answer, and now i can smell smoke outside. tony’s upstairs neighbor came outside too because the smoke was coming into her place also. about a minute after i hung up with 911 dispatch tony is on the other side of the door, shouting “what’s the problem?, what’s going on?” he was clearly drunk, his speech was so slurred i could hardly make out what he said, and he still would not open the door.

within a couple minutes we can hear sirens, finally tony opens the door and the smell of smoke was overwhelming even a several feet away from the door. tony said that his corn on the stove had “boiled over” but this was obviously not the case. he went back inside and shut the door again! i could see into his kitchen window and he still did not go to the kitchen to turn off the stove!! the police arrived, and banged on his door , tony came outside acting like there was no big deal. two fire trucks came and started venting his place. a cop and the fire chief were talking to tony, i could here the fire chief ask him why his smoke alarm did not go off and if he had any nine-volt batteries. tony still seemed very nonchalant about the whole thing and the fire chief told him that he could have burned down the whole building. we are pretty annoyed with this tony character, we would like to keep our home, and you know . . . not die of smoke inhalation. tony seemed unhappy that there was so much fuss, but shit, i probably saved his life, and the property of several families.

the rest of the night continued uneventfully.

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  1. August 2, 2008 8:24 pm

    Sounds like Tony has got problems. I’m glad the building didn’t burn to the ground.

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