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freaked out, yo.

June 10, 2008

here are a few highlights from my workday:

  • i walked in the door and not so much as fired up my computer when one of the clinical assistants walks up to my desk as says: “did you hear about the note?” to which i replied: “no. uh, i just got here.” she proceeds to tell me about the note which read: “clinical assistant (real name omitted) you must know and understand the signs and symptoms of toximia/pre-eclampsia and be prepared to answer questions.” written in the hand of dr. i thought to myself: oh, no she doesn’t because i am sick of dr treating the clinical assistants (paid $14-16/hour) as triage nurses (paid $28-35/hour). this is an issue that will take a few days for me to straighten out before i can talk to her about how wrong she is here.
  • i spent 15 minutes on the phone with a nutty patient who wants dr to see her for free, sans-health-insurance, just because she has been a (problem) patient for many years.
  • i spent 10 minutes hiding in an office down the hallway hiding from the above mentioned (problem) patient while listening to her rant to my staff about what a “bitch” she thinks i am and how one of them should book her an appointment, free of all charges, just because she has been a patient longer than i have worked there. she also left a letter for dr marked “do not open. attn: dr. confidential.” in scraggly handwriting complete with grease stains on the envelope.
  • yelled at dr again today because i made a mistake scheduling an appointment, so now she tells me that now we “need a system” so that this never happens again. we do have a system, and a damn good one at that: using the computerized scheduler. even that is not human proof. this yelling took place in the front office with all of the staff in the room, this may have been unprofessional, but i got a couple pats on the back afterward. that’s what dr gets for ticking me off in front of every one, usually i can bite my lip, but after all the issues i had already dealt with . . . forget it. i freaked out, yo.
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  1. June 11, 2008 8:34 am

    Sweet mother. We have a client at the skin care clinic I work at who is just like your problem patient. Just the mention of her name makes my blood pressure go up. Sounds like you handled it pretty well. P.S. Thanks for the hot tip about the sponges. I’m going to buy some.

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