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baby birdy

May 24, 2008

over our patio and under our upstairs neighbor’s balcony is a bird nest of grackles. over the past few weeks we’ve seen a few broken eggs that have rolled out, and last week we saw a few pieces of egg that must have been tossed out after the babies hatched.

earlier this evening i took a look outside to marvel at the little herb garden i have been working on (albeit not hard) this spring. i saw something wasn’t quite right on the patio next to a potted plant, a beige blop on the cement. i took a good look and said “hmmm . . . oh, man, a dead baby birdy. stupid birds need to find a better place for a nest.” although i do like to listen to the little baby chirping, it’s so sweet.

liz came over and looked too, i started to go outside and liz got a plastic produce bag so i could pick it up and lay it in the woods out back. i wanted to move it mostly because it made me sad to look at, and i didn’t want to walk out on the patio with my sunday morning coffee tomorrow and see the sad little body. or absence of the sad little body and think of the nasty fisher cats walking all over my patio and eating the poor little thing.

i picked up the little guy, and was pretty positive it was dead, it was laying up-side-down, it’s little neck was all pathetic and limp and it felt cool to the touch. i was just looking at it up close when it wiggled a little! i was so happy that it was still alive . . . and it was so ugly (ugly is the new cute, you know) that it made my heart melt a bit. so, i sat down holding him and tucked him next to me and when he started to warm up a little he gave a couple little kicks in the palm of my hand.

we were not really sure what to do with it, wondering if we should try to get it back into the nest or lay it out in the woods to die in peace. we thought about it for a couple minutes and liz said that she wished we could call the professor at our alma madder who knows all things bird. i told liz to call so-and-so from the school who might be able to tell us what the professor’s phone number is, but that would feel a little weird. not that the birdy wasn’t worth feeling a little weird over . . . liz used her quick thinking and said “i know, i’ll turn on the computer.”

i wasn’t too sure where she was going with this, and i was thinking that now was not the best moment to spend a ton of time doing some crash studying on how to care for baby birdies. like thirty seconds later liz grabs her cell phone and has the number of the professor in question all ready to call. i guess you really can find anything on the internet, it’s like i know it, but i’m still amazed every time i find and answer on the web.

i call professor and just as we had suspected she knew exactly what to do. she even remembered me by name and seemed glad that i called. we had to borrow a step latter from a woman a few doors down but we got the baby back in the nest. professor said that it could warm up fast in the nest and if it dies the bird parents would “take care of it.” so, now, here’s to hoping for the little guy. we’re pulling for ya.

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