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could have died of a heart attack!

May 23, 2008

today dr.boss was not in the office and i was holding on to the pager during the day. earlier this week we had to get a set of new ones because the analog signal was cut (yes, they were ancient and the pager guy kept calling them “bricks”) to make way for digital progress. we were having trouble with the one i had, i kept running test pages but they were not going through . . . they were however going through on dr.boss’ pager and i was driving her insane.

so, since the pages were not going through i wanted to call the pager guy. i pulled the roledex out of dr.boss’ office, but the numbers on her card were wrong. this was when i started to freak out a little because we really could not go without a pager for the weekend, that would be bad. i remembered that i had pager guy’s correct number on a sticky note i had tossed in the trash on monday or tuesday, good thing i don’t take my trash out until the end of the week. the sticky was not in my trash bin, so i unlocked and emptied out 3 weeks of paper from the shred bin. we each grabbed a stack of confidential papers and started searching. we found the sticky with the correct number and i called the pager guy and eventually the pages started pouring in on the beeper.

HOLY CRAP!!! that thing is loud. apparently all of the freaking out about the possibility of not having the pager for a long weekend while the doctor was out of town wore my nerves a little too thin because i jumped a mile when the thing started to go off. and even though i know that it would be running test pages for a while i still jumped every time.

it ends up that the whole time it was not working i just had the thing to close to my computer and that was interfering with the signal.

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