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get a grip

May 19, 2008

that’s what i wanted to say to one of the nurses last week. let me tell you why:

about 8-10 weeks ago nurse was in an exam room for an annual exam, the patient had a seizure just as nurse was about to do the pap smear. crap. it scared all of us, being a small place we do not have to call 911 very often maybe even just once or twice a year, well this was once for 2008. most of our staff is newer and had never experienced and in-office emergency before, so it was a little scary for all of us.

nurse had taken patient into an exam room on the other side of the building that is not used often, and out of earshot (this is why we don’t like to use it), on top of this nurse did not tell anyone where she was going. patient has seizure, nurse cannot leave patient alone, nurse shouts for help, literally one minute later i called 911, literally less then 8 minutes later ambulance arrives. nurse is convinced that she was alone in that exam room forever before the ambulance came. nurse thinks we “left her high and dry.”

last monday nurse did not have a medical assistant because she had to be out for the day, and nurse was all pissed because she feels like i left her hanging with no help. her schedule was not full, and she did nto have any complicated cases, everything went fine. and yet still on wednesday last week nurse calls me up to talk about how upset she is about the situation, and how she is afraid that she is going to be ignored if there is an emergency.

nurse starts talking again about incident with seizure . . . i just want to say “get. a. grip.” but instead i try to reasure her that nothing like that will ever happen again, it was a fluke thing, she doesn’t see high-risk pateints so it is not likely she will ever be involved in a similar situation. and let me tell you, this woman is a certified midwife, she has delivered babies, she has assisted in ceasarian sections. i would think that she would be able to handle the pressure. next time nurse goes on and on about feeling like she is left hanging i will tell her to “get a grip. get some counseling. there is nothing i can do to make you feel better.”

i am not even going to get into the part of the conversation where nurse referred to herself as a “second-class-citizen.” this woman is a total energy drain, she cannot live without drama. she makes me feel like i need to get a grip. i am so glad that she is only part-time and i studied psychology in college.

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