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cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

May 8, 2008

today was a big day. here is the rundown:

  • 6:00am alarm
  • 6:30am i quit hitting “snooze” and got out of bed
  • shower, pills, hair (complete with gel and blow dry), face (complete with makeup)
  • professional appearing attire
  • 7:38am pull out of the driveway with coffee, run into traffic, afraid of being late but wasn’t
  • 8:00am one hour therapy session
  • bank for cash (that’s another story altogether, no one carries cash anymore)
  • whole foods formerly-known-as wild oats for juice and favorite cough drops
  • 9:43am truck it out to corporate office for 10:00 meeting with higher-ups
  • 12:00noon meet friend for lunch, one hour set aside . . . i think we used it well
  • 1:10pm drive to office
  • 1:45pm have panic attack about what to tell dr. boss about big business meeting
  • 2:00pm work quietly at my desk for a couple hours, lots of catch-up from missing the morning
  • 4:10pm last patient leaves (quiet week) so i sit down with dr. boss to break the news.
  • 5:25pm leave the office
  • return home to a hot shower and tacos made by liz

a couple years ago liz gave me this bracelet:

i decided this morning that i had to wear it to keep a smile on my face all day. thanks liz.

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  1. Gabby permalink
    May 24, 2008 2:27 pm

    I want a bracelet too!

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