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6:24am, sunday, no coffee

April 13, 2008

this morning my sister is flying out to visit my parents, i drove her to the airport.

  • 4:44am: wake-up phone call from sister. have to leave house now.
  • 4:56am: start the car.
  • 5:08am: mouth is dry, obsessing about first cup of coffee.
  • 5:12am: about to pull up to the nearest starbucks. it’s closed.
  • 5:25am: passing a bagel place. closed also.
  • 5:31am: pull up to sister’s house, go inside. she has not put coffee on.
  • 5:50am: drop sister at airport and proceed home.
  • 6:11am: drive by local bagel place. closed. drive-through closed also.
  • 6:15am: pass house proceeding to local dunkin’ donuts. closed!!
  • 6:16am: ok. this is not funny anymore.
  • 6:23am: get home. start coffee maker.
  • 6:24am: what!? it seems to not be working. this is where i realize why exactly i sleep in on sundays.
  • 6:28 am: woohoo! i got the coffee flowing. it’s about time.
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  1. April 16, 2008 6:23 pm

    my friend, you know you are up too early when the coffee shops are closed.

    i hope your sister noted your favor *very well*.

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