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a love/hate relationship

April 10, 2008

let me tell you why i love my job: i’m the boss, so i get to do things how i want when i want and i get to tell everyone that i work with that they have to do things my way. fantastic.

let me tell you why i hate my job: because i am the last rung in a very short ladder i get stuck with dealing with all the junk no one else seems to be able to handle and people look to me for all the complicated answers.

another thing i don’t like so much, but can still smile through (albeit a painful smile): when my boss tells me to implement something that i know is perfectly unrealistic and ridiculous i have to convince five other people to go along with it.

the newest unrealistic and ridiculous something: when we send a patient to have lab work at a separate facility we fill out a requisition form, this form has three carbon copy pages–white, pink and yellow. we keep the yellow, the patient takes the white and pink to the lab. we place the yellow in the medical record so we have a reference of exactly what was ordered when. dr. boss would now like all yellow copies stapled to the final lab report. uh . . . hello . . . what purpose will this serve other than waisting time and staples? that would be “none.” no purpose whatsoever. and i am left to answer all the questions, like “when do we have time to do this? it’s hard enough keeping up with pulling charts for the lab results.” and “how will doing this help us function better?” you see, i have no answers for these questions, and yet i am charged with the responsibility of making sure this task is compleated. now if someone is pissed off and decides that they do not want to do this little task it is me who get all the crap for it.


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