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April 1, 2008

it stinks here without current updates, but i am so tired after sitting in front of a computer at work all day.  my back is still sore.  here is a little something that happened today:

ring . . . ring . . .

me: “the place i work, this is me.”

caller: “ummm.  well.  i sent you my resume.  can i have an interview?”

me: “i’m sorry, who is this?”

caller: “uuh.  so-and-so.”

me: “and you sent your resume to me in particular?”

(i figured she did mean me in particular, seeing as how i am the manager and all . . . but still, did she even realize who she was talking to??)

caller: (long pause) “yes.”

me:  “can you hold please?”

caller: “ok.”

i put the phone on hold and rummage through the resumes in my desk, pull out the resume in question for closer examination.  it is two and a half pages long, real large font, could have summed it all up in less than a page.  clearly not impressive.  i pick up the phone again.

me: “yes, i have your resume right here, and we are not hiriring a clinical assistant at this time.  thank you.”

caller:  “uh, well.  ummm, i could work as a receptionist.”

me:  “hmm.  sorry, we are not hiring right now.”

(we are hiring now, actually, just not this girl.)

caller: “oh, ummm, ok.  thank you.”


a few moments later the other line rings, someone else picks it up, and puts it on hold.  it’s for me.

me: “hello, this is me.”

caller: “uh, i mailed you my resume . . .”

(oh, man.  it’s the same girl.)

me: “i believe we just spoke.”

caller: “oh sorry.  well, maybe you could call me if you want to hire later?”

me: “no.  i don’t think so, you seem to be a little disorganized.”

caller: “ok.”

(this is the first phrase she has spit out without and “um” or and “uh.”)

me: “alright, good bye.”


how bad am i?  but really, get your crap together before you start mailing out your resume and making follow-up calls.  she did all the right things, just in the wrong way.

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