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it comes in a box . . .

March 25, 2008

does that make it trashy? or, more importantly, does that make me trashy?? my mother keeps a cheep box of chardonnay on her kitchen counter (she also drinks it with ice cubes, very trashy).

before boxes were available in the ’70’s and ’80’s my mother purchased wine in large, cheap jugs, usually “carlo rossi” white zinfandel. maybe my mother is not the best measure.
i read that quality boxed wines have been widely available in europe for decades now, and smart europeans prefer to buy box wines for everyday consumption because of price, and ease of use. now i think i may have jumped on board.

last year we tried a couple different boxes. “banrock station” (australia) was one of the best, we tried a pinot grigio and cab sav. “fish eye”(california) was the worst, we only tried the pinot grigio, it was nasty. we have a box of “corbett canyon” pinot grigio in the fridg now, and it’s decent for the price, $11.

last weekend we bought a “black box” shiraz (australia), and it is fantastic for the price, downright creamy. and i read a good review of the “black box” pinot grigio, so i got one of those too, but haven’t opened it yet. the “black box” was a little pricey compared to the other boxed wines at $21, but if they are all as good as the shiraz it’s well worth the price. as a matter of fact it is 1/2 the price of, and better tasting than my favorite budget bottled shiraz, “rosemount estate” diamond label.

the only question is this: can i trade in glass for cardboard?  glass is so shiny.

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