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it’s what’s for (kitty) dinner

March 5, 2008


a little while back my friend patti was cat-sitting for us, and she brought over a can of this catfood for our kitties to test out.  they ate it, but with the same suspicious reluctance that they ate any other thing we feed them that didn’t “crunch” or wreak of sea-meat.  so when patti asked how they did i just told her that they ate it, but didn’t act too impressed.

since then we have gotten tired with their little kitten finickiness, and told then “tough luck. eat what you get.”  liz went to the local natural pet food store and brought home a bunch of different cans, all non-sea-meat flavors, a couple of cans was this stuff.  they loved it, they chowed down.  a few meals of blaaaah tasting turkey, and this was the best food they had ever tasted.

the really creepy thing is:  it does not look like pet food.  it totally looks like some sub-par casserole my mother would have made when i was a kid . . . and even that crap was eatable . . . this cat food might even smell better.  add a pinch of pepper and a bit of garlic and it would smell like canned soup, for people.

but no, i did not eat this for dinner, i made an omelet with vegetarian “sausage” and spinach.  the cat food may have even been better than the fake meat made for people.

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