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delurk and read “new glasses part 3” here.

February 19, 2008

my brand new glasses came in today. i am wearing a pair right now, the screen is so crisp and clear (better to read you comments with). i am regretting purchasing two pairs, i’m afraid i may have waisted money. i am farsighted, my old glasses were a lighter prescription, and the doctor warned me that the new ‘script would mess with my distance, he told me that bifocals are in my near future. i didn’t notice how bad the distance was in the exam room, now i have them on and i can’t see further than 6 to 8 feet away without straining! crap!

i’ve gotten very comfortable wearing glasses all day, as i hate to keep putting them on and taking them off. i now welcome the thought of bifocals, bring on the elderly-ness. if i can’t bear to keep the glasses on all day then i don’t care about the style options with two pairs, one would have been fine. i will be keeping my old pair for a while, this is all going to take quite a bit of getting used to. where do i sign-up for the laser?

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