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it’s what’s for breakfast

February 11, 2008

this smoothie is quick and easy, i started making it because i got sick of pulling out my blender on weekday mornings, and was tired of cleaning the blender daily. when i drink this for breakfast it keeps me from feeling hungry for lunch for a good 2 1/2 hours, not as filling as oatmeal, but close. it takes about 5 seconds to put together, and it helps me swallow all my morning pills without gagging.

no-blender-smoothie (organic is always best)

4 oz. any type of 100% fruit juice

4 oz. kefir (i like lifeway brand best)

a generous dash of kyo green, or any other greens drink mix

for extra fiber add a spoonful of ground flaxseed.

stir with a fork, spoon, whatever. a milk frothing wand works fantastic. you can also add a splash of cold green tea or plain water if you want more than 8 ounces to drink without adding calories.

when i mention that organic is best (which i truly do believe), if you could please ignor the fact that i devoured half a canister of “fat-free pringles sour cream and onion potato crisps”  this evening i would very much appreciate it.  thank you.

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