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new glasses

February 3, 2008

my glasses are:

  1. broken in several spots
  2. blurry in the right eye
  3. boring

and my hair gets caught in the hinges. the current pair is a major upgrade from my first pair of glasses i got in 2004:


they were on a clearance rack at a little local place, $90 including lenses. i was broke, but need the glasses badly, it was the best i could do. i grew to like them. however i did take them off at job interviews and important events because the were extremely un-stylish.

this is the pair that i have now:


and this is the pair that i would like to have:


my issue with the pair i want is the $350 price tag, the pair i have now was $150, and i felt a little guilty about that. neither price includes lenses, unlike my first pair. but why not get what i really want, anything else i choose would be a sorry and disappointing compromise.

the big perk about the frames i want is that lenscrafters does not carry them, so i know that every other person i run into will not be wearing them.  lenscrafters does shoddy work, i got my second pair there so that i could use my triple-a membership discount, and they had to be redone because they tried to pass off a crap job.  they even had to be sent out, they were not the type that i could pick up in “about and hour.”  i also bought a pair of prescription sunglasses there, and they were all messed up.  i will never go back there.

liz has had good luck with target, and we are thinking about getting our next pairs at costco.  if they don’t have the style i want i just might have to take what they have because we still have to pay our mortgage.  anyway, i have to think fast because my eyesight is less than stellar with my current pair.

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  1. February 4, 2008 11:40 am

    I think the pair you have now are sooo cute! although broken in several places and blurry is bad – certainly good reason to get a new pair.

    and since glasses go on your face ALL DAY, i think they are worth splurging on. you don’t want to settle on something you don’t 100% love, because you’re going to be stuck with them for a few years.

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