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February 3, 2008

my last new feature “stuff in my stuff,” posts in witch i emptied out my handbags and totes to show the word the guts of my life, was an instant success. but due to the fact that i carry around the same crap all the time the “stuff in my stuff” has become boring and stifled. when i start to carry around new junk i will post it again.

my new, new feature is a page dedicated to my weigh-loss. my regular readers (hi you two) may remember my fizzled out commitment to lose two pounds a week until i reach my goal weight of 155 pounds. the main motivation was losing enough weight by christmas time to keep my mother from telling me how fat i am. work stress put my plan on the back burner . . . but i did loose 15 pounds. now i am getting back into it, because all my pretty clothes are size 10-12 (right now i am an 18-20).

the page is titled “i’m not so skinny” and you can find a link on the top of the third column under the “more of my junk” heading. comment all you like, maybe it will motivate me to keep the page running and keep up my efforts to loose weight. i need all the help i can get.

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