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now ya’ see it, now ya’don’t . . .

January 22, 2008

every morning when i get out of bed i make a b-line straight for the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker. this morning i heard a strange ruckus outside, i opened the blinds and saw a man putting a sign into the very frozen ground. “hhmmm,” i thought, “that has to be against the condo association regulations.” dog crap and ugly window decorations are also against the association rules, no pays much attention to this . . . but, really, putting a sign out on the lawn right in front of my living room window must cross “the line.” i got a bit closer to the window and read the sign through the back “FORECLOSURE SALE . . . DO NOT REMOVE BY ORDER OF THE COURT.” uh, what??? i suppose there is a chance that the nice-single-polish-immigrant-thirty-something who lives upstairs could have gone into foreclosure?? dosn’t seem likely though, he has been fixing the place up, dumping cash into new appliances is not the type of thing a sane person does before the bank evicts you.

my next thought was that we are going to have to live in a condo for almost a full month with a foreclosure sign literally right next to our front door. crap. the neighbors already look at us funny because we are two women living together in a one-bedroom condo. the older lady, pat, who lives a few doors down struck up a conversation with me one while she was walking her dog:

“is your daughter at work today?”

“um, i don’t have a daughter . . . but liz works nights.”

” . . . well . . . i guess you look too young to have a daughter that age . . . is she your sister??”


” . . . friend . . .?”

“um, yeah. sure, whatever you say, i can tell you’re too old to handle the truth.”

i didn’t actually say that last part, but i think she got it. liz is two years older than me too, and if i had a daughter who was old enough to hold a job without breaking child labor laws i would have been pregnant at 12. pat is still very sweet to both of us, she’s a nice lady.

nascar-hat is nice too, he offered to change my break light for me, after he noticed it was out for several months. (out of sight, out of mind. what can i say?) and nascar-hat’s wife is nice too . . . we know her name though . . . when we know a name we use it.

the man next door had a fun nickname too, we haven’t used it in a long time because liz left him a note asking if he took our recycle bin (i took in in, but i hardly ever do, and liz felt more inclined to believe that the neighbor took it) and he wrote a note back signed “tony.”

our tony mystery was solved a few weeks ago. liz got locked out and had to go to tony’s to use his phone to call me at work to come let her in. tony’s recycle bin is always full of wine bottles . . . always. liz got inside and there were cases and bottles of wine lining the walls . . . she said – – – in lue of “so, you’re a drunk?”– “so, you’re into wine?” it turns out tony is wine distributer, he works from home and sells wine to local restaurants. he could still be a drunk, but now at least we know that is a much less likely scenario.

meetings with the other neighbors are few and far between, we do, after all, live in new england. and when i got home from work tonight the foreclosure sign was gone.

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  1. January 22, 2008 8:54 pm

    what is foreclosure?

  2. jvalways permalink*
    January 22, 2008 8:59 pm

    when a home owner can’t pay the mortgage in full or on time it is repossessed by the bank, and the bank sells the property to cover some of the loss.

  3. January 24, 2008 6:56 pm

    Scary – do you think its the sub-prime crisis catching up with somebody? What is very worrying about that is the way that a whole bunch of people are going to face crippling rises in their mortgage payments when introductory offers end.

  4. jvalways permalink*
    January 24, 2008 7:04 pm

    paul- i see 3 foreclosures on my 6 mile drive to work. it’s down from the 4 i would pass last month. we did not get a sub-prime mortgage when we bought our place, but if one of us lost a job we’d be screwed.


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