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respect mah authorrattae!

January 10, 2008


new girl has an issue with me, particularly with me being her supervisor. she back-talks and takes her sweet time getting around to what i ask her to do. maybe it has something to do with her being 15 years older than me.  maybe she just plain doesn’t like me.  i don’t really care why.  it dosn’t matter any.

prime example: new girl needs computer program training. i ask new girl in december to pick dates off the training schedule for classes, she chooses the dates. last week i remind new girl, “don’t forget about your training next thursday.”

she replies “oh, thursdays are not good for me.”

“um, the next date is not until the end of february, and i really need you to go next week.” i say.

“i can’t do it thursday.”

“why not?  you chose that date.”

“something came up.”

new girl desperately needs (apart from an attitude adjustment) to learn how to use our computer program. since she needs to put the phone on hold 3-5 times during a call in order to navigate the program, she really needs the training now. the next available date is on the busiest day of the week in our office. so not only will we be short-staffed on that day, but we will be inadequately-staffed until then.

this is one of the disadvantages of being the type of manager i am — really in the trenches and not acting like i am better than anyone, or superior to anyone. this style has really gained respect with the people i manage, but in new girl’s case . . . apparently not so much.

tomorrow i will have a little “chat” with new girl, and see if she can’t be straightened out. wish me luck, this is my least favorite part of my position.

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