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yep, we’re cool.

December 31, 2007

happy new year everyone.  here we are, at home.  much better than going out and paying too much money for dinner and drinks.  on top of it all, having to take it easy on the drinks to get home not only alive but un-incriminated.  as i write this liz is winding a ball of yarn watching “the simpsons” and i have 2 pounds of chicken in our brand new crockpot.  liz is drinking a screwdriver and i have a vodka tonic.  fun times.

we have a bottle of champagne for latter, but i can bet that we will not be up much latter than 11.  tonight is one of those nights that i wished we had cable, dick clark grosses me out, his face has become somewhat unnatural.  i forced liz to watch the first two episodes of “big love” again last night, and i’m hoping that i will get another mini-marathon again tonight.

i haven’t been feeling well at all, and very glad that work has been mostly low-key the last week and a half, but thursday is back to the grind so it’s nice to have a rest today and tomorrow.   i’m too old to party.

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