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better than cable

December 26, 2007

we do not have cable.  no cable.  and, no, it’s not a sin.

we do, however, like to watch tv shows on dvd, this way we can really get into something.  watch several hours of a series in big chunks.  we have watched the entire series of “alias” and “felicity” (both of these series several times over).  we have watched seasons one and two of lost on dvd as well as all three seasons on network television as they aired.  we have watched all of “sex in the city” and most of “six feet under” and “huff” on dvd also.  for christmas i asked for “big love” on dvd and my family got us both seasons one and two!  we watched the first two episodes last night, and now i’m hooked big time.  good thing i am off from work today, we are going to get a few episodes in as soon as liz is done watching “general hospital.”

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  1. January 7, 2008 2:35 am

    I have recently started to do the same thing. Watch TV series on DVD. Six Feet Under is definitely my favourite. I adored it. There seems no end to the imagination that went into creating weird and weirder situations and yet they were all believable. But the crowning glory was the cast of characters and their shifting neuroses.

    The only disappointment was that each set could be rented from Blockbuster for a week for £5. This meant a big time commitment – no problem for me – but my wife did not like to watch the saga day after day. The result was I had to watch great chunks of it by myself and then give her a detailed account of what was happening.

    Watching it more slowly and paying again was not an option – not a question of money it was just too addictive and I could not wait.

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