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isn’t it always like that for her?

December 20, 2007

my sister has always had bad luck, but oddly even her bad luck takes a good twist.

like a few years ago she and her husband purchased a house, an old fixer-upper.  it was all they could afford in the area they needed to live (my brother-in-law cannot drive because of heath issues).  sucks, right?  tons of work . . . painting, repairs, crap that didn’t work.  no, no, not for my sister.  the restaurant behind the house wanted to expand their parking lot, they paid my sister $80k more than they had paid for it, and they were able to buy a house around the corner that is a ton better.

my sister called me last night to tell me that she got her car detailed, and upholstery shampooed and now she feels “more in love with it than when it was new.”  i asked her “why did you get your car detailed??” as this type of thing is not like her.  “it was free.” she told me.

“how was it free?” i ask.

“i took my car for and oil change and they dinged it.” she tells me,  “the dealership was having a toy drive and i brought an $11 basketball and got a free oil change.”

“so, let me get this straight: you got an oil change and your entire car detailed inside and out for $11?”

“yes.”  she says.  “but what sucked was i had to take a loner all day while they had my car, and i had to fill the tank back up on that, so it really ended up costing me $19.”

oh boo-hoo, $19 and not $11.  if i wanted to get my oil changed and the entire care detailed it would cost me at least $200, because i am not un-lucky enough for some service center to bang up my car on the way into the garage.

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