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December 17, 2007

oh crap. my boss called me at home to bitch about something i did, but this is beside the point. i got a “renewal” notice in the mail from what seemed to be the local “yellow pages.” it read that our listing would be removed if we did not sign and mail or fax an authorization to continue our listing. i signed and faxed. another job done? no. it was a scam, somewhere in the small print it read that authorizing will lead to charges, and now my boss is pissed. crap, crap, crap. she already thinks everyone is an idiot, myself included, and i have just proved her right. my boss really has no clue how many similar scams we get in the mail every week, and how many i toss in the trash or shred, she might figure that this is the first of it’s kind i have every seen. this one caught me on an “off” day, and i got suckered.

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