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December 14, 2007

my day at work was so bad today i’m not even sure it deserves a post . . .


but i’ll hit it anyway, forget my resolution to post only the positive in my life.

crazy new girl decided that today (day 4 at brand new j-o-b) was the day to make a wildly religious statement. fervent religion + my workplace = “not a good thing.” a woman who is married and very career-centered, and has been using oral contraceptives for many years. well, she came in today because she had missed her period and was a little concerned about it, and the pregnancy test we did in the office was positive. well, crazy new girl, said “family always comes first.” to which practice manager me responded “every woman makes her own decision.” crazy new girl said “oh . . .”  conversation was continued.

there was more to my day, obviously this scenario was not enough to turn all eight hours bad, but i will keep the rest to myself.

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