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consignment shop

December 9, 2007

there is a great consignment shop around the corner, i popped in to see what was new today and walked out with a faux-shearling (microfiber/fleece) vest kind of like this one i’ve been drooling over at l.l.bean:

42357t_sand_khaki.jpgit costs $59. the one i picked up still has the original tags, reading $79, the shop was selling it for $34, and then it made it to the clearance rack for $17! lucky me.

the only difference is that the vest i got does not have pockets, and has a zipper instead of buttons. i would have liked the pockets and buttons, but i saved $42. there is another vest at l.l.bean that i like, it’s knit on the outside with super-soft fleece on the inside, and now i can save my $42 towards that one.

i know, it’s wrong to get something for myself at christmas time . . . but i really wanted it. i justify the purchase by thinking i can wear it to work.

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