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a saturday morning at costco

December 8, 2007

i heart costco.  there has never been a visit i didn’t enjoy.  we went this morning to try and finish up our christmas shopping, and it was fantastic.  so many books and gift type stuff.  and of course tons of great food.  we picked up a few things for our christmas eve dinner.  i got a “rabbit” wine opener for my boss’s gift basket (to go with the wine someone else is picking up).  we have all the toys and fun books for our nieces and nephew.  at a craft show a few weeks ago we got a couple dicrotic glass necklaces for my sister and mother.  my sister and i are going in together on an mp3 player for my father, who has been using the same portable radio at the gym since 1993, back when the only other affordable option was a “walkman” tape-player, he will really like it.

liz’s father is still on the list, and liz’s secret santa recipient (i am finished with mine).   we are having some trouble this year picking out gifts for each other,so, we mentioned that maybe we should wait to get our gifts until after christmas is over.  we did see the sweetest cat today that needs a home, and we would love to make that our gift for both of us, but maybe a third cat is not such a hot idea, we’re too young to be crazy cat ladies.  besides, bentley and mia might not be too happy with it at first.  the little boy-cat’s name is “melkey” and i may be in love with him.

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