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now what should i do??

December 6, 2007

ok, so my boss is not the best at managing (which is why she hired me, i think). we have let a couple people go, and one quit, now we are so short staffed it isn’t even cute. the boss does not want to replace the missing employees so she can save money . . . until a patient she likes comes in for a physical and talks about how she is unemployed, now it’s all about “when do you think she can start?” and “how soon will she be eligible for benefits??”

the thing is that this woman is no hot commodity. she has a very meek personality and has been very nervous every time i have met with or spoken with her. she has a certificate in medical billing and coding, and there are tons of jobs that she could qualify for, hospitals and offices are killing for billers, especially billers who can code. i am really weary because she has been out of work and looking for a job for almost 10 months, and held her last job for less than a year. big red flags. i voiced these concerns, but the doctor is not paying any attention (as usual).

it is perfectly clear that i can hire this woman, and only this woman. i wanted to book more interviews and and dr just said “no.” like she didn’t put me in charge or something. now what should i do?? really, input here would be welcome.

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  1. seaswell permalink
    December 7, 2007 2:24 pm

    yikes – that’s a tough one.

    i’m of the school that says that no matter what, voice your concerns. sit your boss down or write her an email outlining what you feel about the situation.

    although, it sounds like you’ve kind of already did this. in that case, i say go ahead and hire her and wait for the wonderful “I told you so” that you’ll get to pull out a few months from now if things don’t work out.

    i’m struggling with the same general issue – having to accept that your boss is in charge, and doing her will even when you know you know better. i think we just have to do what we can (voice our concerns) and then just sit tight and wait for disaster.

    let us know how this situation pans out.

  2. December 11, 2007 10:21 pm

    seaswell – thanks for your comment . . . things are going alright as of today. trying to stay positive.


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