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this lady NEEDS a tubal

December 3, 2007

there is this pia patient who decided in september that she wanted to have a tubal ligation (tie her tubes, sterilization) in september, but she only wanted to do it in december.  “okay,” i say, “no problem, call me before thanksgiving and i’ll schedule it.”  thanksgiving comes and goes with no call from patient.  she calls on november 28 and says “i want to schedule my suragery.”  hmmm . . . we can do it but it’s a really tight squeeze, everyone wants to get their surgery in before the end of the year because they have paid out their deductibles for 2007 and will have to pay cash in the beginning of 2008.

“okay, fine,” i say, “but we only have two mornings in the operating room and i will have to put you on the 19th,”  she agrees.  i book the surgery, coordinate with the hospital and all the such.  all set.

patient calls again on the 30th.  “i want to move my sugery to the earlier date.”  now, wait a minute . . . the earlier date is in less than 3 business days and almost full up.  i ask her: “why do you need to move the date?”  “oh, i’m afraid that i won’t feel well enough to get my christmas shopping done in time,” she says.

i bend over backwards, the doctor agrees that we can do the surgery on the 5th if the hospital can move it.  we get the surgery moved.  not an easy job, but done, and she is happy.

said patient is scheduled for her pre-operative appointment today.  the patient calls the office a half-hour before the appointment time and says that she will not be able to make it.  now i get pissed.  she is not having an emergency, she is not having car trouble, she just “can’t come today.”  now we cannot get her in for her surgery on wednesday.  we have to move the pre-op appointment, the surgery (that i spent a lot of time rescheduling once already) and the post-op appointment.  all of this around the holidays when our office is jam-packed with teachers who want to come in while school is out, college students who are home, and people just all around getting sick because it is cold season.

the appointment that the patient couldn’t bother to make it to was at 2:30.  the patient walks into the office at 4:00.  my jaw drops, god, you have to be kidding me.  she wanted to pick up some paper work she needed to give to her job.

what the . . .

this woman may not be fit to parent anymore children, quick, get her in for the tubal, before she breeds again.

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  1. December 3, 2007 11:00 pm

    Heaven help anyone involved with this woman!

    Thanks for the funny story and the smiles tonight.

    Peace, love and understanding,

    ~ RS ~

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