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my life lately

November 28, 2007

lately i have felt very overwhelmed by work, and very busy during “free time” with the holidays and all.  i come home from work tired and drained, all i want to do is go to bed or watch tv when i get home.  i haven’t been reading as much as i used to, it is hard to believe that i am the same person who used to spend time reading every night or swallowing books whole over the weekends.  even when i don’t watch tv after work i just want to sleep or do sudoku puzzles.

the stress at work has got me forgetting to eat during the day, which is bad, but consequently i am down to 188lbs., which is good.  i don’t feel like cooking at night and end up eating frozen burritos or canned soup, liz works until 10pm so i have no good reason to put any effort into cooking for one.

i really want to start back up with my yoga practice.  but i have felt much too tired to get up early in the morning to squeeze it in.  i have also felt like getting back into going to church might do me some good too, but i would much rather sleep late and spend time alone with liz on sunday mornings.

i have been doing meditation and using tons of positive thinking.  the positive thinking really does help more than i ever imagined it could.  i just have to keep on plugging and know that this too shall pass.  i don’t know, maybe this is a little bout of depression, maybe i have s.a.d.

i had an interview for a new receptionist this morning, and if we hire her things will really start to work out much better for me, and everyone else at the office.

i know that this blog has turned terribly boring . . . i am surprised that i still get readers and comments.  most of the hits here recently have been web searches for thanksgiving leftover soup recipes.

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  1. November 29, 2007 11:40 am

    Sorry you’re blue. It is a hard time of year here too. Grey days are the worst. It is so gloomy. And then we had to go to a funeral of a very dear friend yesterday.

    When my daughter used to be miserable I would tell her that the best thing was to bounce. I would then jump up and down idiotically in front of her until she could not stop herself laughing. She said it did no good but I could see it did. She could not stop hersalf smiling when she said it was useless.

    Try bouncing. Its so silly it makes it hard to be too serious afterwards.

    Thinking of you.

    P.S. By the way I am making Hungarian Goulash Soup tonight. If you would like the recipe let me know

  2. jvalways permalink*
    November 29, 2007 7:34 pm


    i’m sorry about your friend.

    the bouncing thing made me laugh, at first because it sounds a bit cheeky, and at second thought because it’s very goofy.

    how old is your daughter??

    and yes, i want . . . no, need . . . the recipe for your hungarian goulash.

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