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November 27, 2007

so, i’ve got this cough that kept me up most of the night.  not liz though, liz was fat asleep . . . it takes a lot to keep that girl awake, and she claims my snoring warrants ear-plugs.  i also have a stuffy nose.  i use a neti pot, and the other morning the saline went in one nostril, but never made it out the other.

i am all for natural health care, but i think that the time has come to purchase a box of mucinex.   chicken soup, garlic, vitamin c and zinc have done all they can.  i have to admit though, that i have been using sudafed (the real stuff that requires a valid driver’s license) for several weeks now, i will add the mucinex to the mix of pills i take every day until the cough goes away.

wish me luck, i have no choice but to go back to work tomorrow because no-one else will be there.

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