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thanksgiving leftover soup

November 24, 2007

with a few modifications from this recipe you can use up your leftovers for a warm and fuzzy cold weather meal.

  • instead of cooking and adding a chicken breast pull meat off of the carcass of your turkey, and set aside.
  • prepare the soup with the roux and the miropoix (carrots, onion, celery), then add the broth, either chicken or turkey (best if you can make your own turkey broth, that way you are not wasting anything from you thanksgiving dinner).
  • take very moist leftover stuffing and form it into dumplings about an inch diameter. if the stuffing is dry and will not stick in balls you will have to mix it with a beaten egg to hold it together in the soup, and add to the pot while the broth is boiling to cook the dumplings.
  • add any leftover veggies like green beens if you like.
  • add the turkey and stuffing dumplings just to warm them all the way through, and serve.
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  1. November 25, 2007 2:14 am

    I regularly make “left overs” or “fridge” soup. I just poke about in the fridge and collect together all the bits and pieces of vegetables or meat and heat them up in a stock. (what you call broth I guess). I vary the flavour by adding curry paste sometimes. And sometimes I thicken by adding red lentils. I also add texture with pearl barley or brown rice – small quantities and cooked separately before hand – so I don’t overcook the other ingredients. If I am in a hurry I use white rice or tiny pasta shapes instead.

    I top off the soup with bread cut up in cubes and fried in olive oil as croutons, or chopped and fried bacon – I think that English bacon is like your “Canadian” bacon.


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