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November 19, 2007

because of the cool fall weather, and my reluctance to use the heat provided to us (at a hefty fee) by our local electric company, i made a compulsive purchase at costco yesterday evening. i got two “warming throws” partly because the term “warming throw” sounds much more appealing than “electric blanket,” but mostly because it is frickin’ freezing in here.

one is for me, because now that i am old i feel cold all the time. the other is for liz, because i don’t want her to steal mine. liz didn’t seem as excited about it as i did while i was standing in front of the end-cap at costco.

the cats, on the other hand . . . maybe i should open up liz’s so the the cats can lay on it, because they seem to have hijacked mine. they’re even fighting over who gets to sit where on top of the thing.

oh, for those of you who may be wondering, work sucks. since i decided not to write anymore sickeningly negative posts, i guess i will just have to refrain from writing about work until conditions improve. the same applies to my diet.

but, on a more positive note: something crappy that happened at work has led to something positive for me to write about . . . the fridge at the office broke, and i had purchased a “butter braid” from someone at work who’s child was doing a fund raiser, well, the butter braid defrosted and now i have no choice but to cook it tonight, which means i get to eat some of it (which is bad for my diet).

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