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october 31

October 31, 2007

i have never liked halloween. it’s dark, cold and creepy. plus, i’m already fat, the last thing i need is all that candy hanging around. i freak easily, it’s bad enough that whenever a scary movie trailer comes on tv i have to change the channel and start humming to get it out of my head.

i put a bag of apples out in entryway just in case anyone comes around, nobody yet and it’s almost 8. it’s for the best really, an apple could really piss an older kid off, or freak out the parents of a little one.

i called my sister tonight, forgetting that today is her favorite day of the year. she was in the middle of hosting a haunted house on her back porch for the neighborhood kids, but she still answered her cell phone (she’s a wack one).

meanwhile . . . wednesday is my favorite tv night. “kid nation,” “kitchen nightmares” and “life.” we watch “dirty, sexy money” online on friday nights. everyone else can run around in the dark and cold outside, i will be cuddled up on the couch getting some quality brain-melting time in front of the television.

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