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an actual telephone conversation i had today:

October 30, 2007

caller: “i have had my period for three weeks and now it is getting worse. how soon can i come in to see the doctor??”

me: “we have an opening this afternoon.”

caller: “no, i can’t do that i have to work.”

me: “well, how bad is it?”

caller “it really bad, i almost went to the emergency room last night.”

me: “you can’t leave work at all???”

caller: “no.”

long pause.

caller: “do you know what could make this happen?”

me: “no. we can’t diagnose over the phone, it could be any number of things.”

caller: “i’ll call you back later.”


ok, here’s the thing . . . if you are bleeding so badly that you consider going to the er the night before why would you even go to work the next day???? that must be one hell of a demanding job.

readers, please note: if you have a potentially life-threatening symptom, please, please, do not call your doctor’s office unless you intend to leave work to have the issue examined. we do not want to know, it only makes us nervous and libel if something awful happens to you.

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