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October 28, 2007

when i knit i have a short attention span.  i have tried to knit socks, i have made two full successful socks.  the problem is the two socks are two different patterns and two different yarns, because i do not have the mental stamina to complete a matching pair.  this is why i like to knit scarves and wraps, they come in ones and are very functional.

this morning i finally finished a complete matching pair of  wrist warmers for liz.  i started the pair a year ago before we moved into the condo.  in the move i misplaced the finished wrist warmer and never took the second one i started off of the needles.  last week i was searching for something in my closet and found the finished half, so i pulled out the other i had started.  i cast off this morning with a cute little pair of angora-blend-knit-three-purl-one wrist warmers with thumb holes.  liz likes them and now i have new motivation to make a pair for myself.

the reign of scarves has ended (but i will still crank out scarves like every day is winter).

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