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the most wonderful time of the year

October 22, 2007

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  i love that thanksgiving has minimal religious connotations.  i love that thanksgiving is an excuse to overeat.  most of all i love that thanksgiving has always been a very low-key holiday in my life.

as a child my family would spend the day with friends of my parents’.  there were other kids to play with and my mother and father were on their best behavior.  as a teen my mother decided that she was not going to kill herself over this one holiday, so she made a smaller meal than was customary (for her), and there was very little “muss and fuss” about the whole deal, this meant shrimp cocktail instead of foie gras and only two pies for desert.

when i was in college i went home with a friend and came-out to my parents at the dinner table.  my mother decided that i permanently ruined thanksgiving and that was the last year we spent the holiday as a family.  ever since my parents have spent the thanksgiving holiday in vegas.  i was free to do whatever i wanted . . . i could sit in front of the television alone eating lean-cuisine for all my mother cared.  every year i would spend the day with a family from church, a friend from college, no obligations.  people felt sorry for me, so, the only annoyance involved with thanksgiving became having to turn down invitations and convincing people that i loved not having to spend this time with my family.

now i have the best wife in the world.  unfortunately this wife comes with a thanksgiving obligation.  i suppose a small price to pay for 364 other happy days a year together.

normally, i would use any excuse to show off my penchant for all things gourmet and autumnal and crafty.  but liz’s father would probably prefer a butterball over an empire kosher, and thinks thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be quite right without a plop of jiggly-can-shaped-cranberry-flavored-jelly, and he’s sober so i can’t even get a buzz.  liz’s  favorite side is green bean casserole made with campbells cream of chicken (sorry, sorry, sorry, liz can you forgive me for badmouthing??).  only my snotty friends want to love my oyster stuffing.  what’s an epicurean to do?

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  1. jvalways permalink*
    October 31, 2007 8:26 pm

    even though liz’s father is sober i can still have a buzz (liz asked permission), and liz’s father doesn’t really care for his brother’s wife who will be spending the holiday with us . . . who knows, maybe liz’s father will break the twenty-something year fast from adult beverages this thanksgiving.

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