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sheep and wool

October 21, 2007

yesterday we went to the new york sheep and wool festival, and it was fabulous. we took a bus chartered by webs, it was nice to just be able to rest on the bus and not have to worry about diving someplace we had never been. there was tons of yarn, fleece, knitting accessories and more than i could ever imagine having to do with yarn.

i didn’t purchase any yarn because i have about five projects in the works, although i was tempted. there was a huge skein of mohair that i really, really wanted, it was reasonably priced (but so huge it was expensive). i didn’t get it because i have so much other stuff should knit up here at home, and now i seriously regret not buying it. liz got two skeins of “socks that rock” and a big skein of silk and wool 50/50 from a local vendor. we both bought shawl pins from “moving mud.” i bought a handmade wooden lucette (for making cords) from an ohio woman.

we got to see sheep, alpaca, llamas, a couple cashmere goats and lots of angora bunnies. some of the vendors had brought bunnies to sell or trade, they were priced between $25 and $100. the bunnies were all so sweet, fuzzy and friendly, we can’t wait to be able to have a couple.

the lines for some of the vendors was unbelievable. we stopped first thing in the morning at the blue moon booth so liz could get her sock yarn, there were two lines — one to get inot the booth and another to wait and pay. both lines were at least a 30 minute wait. we went back later in the afternoon and there were no lines, but there also was not much yarn left. liz was still glad we did not wait in the morning, because she still got some nice stuff.

there was a building with local cheese and wine makers. i seriously thought about getting a bottle of wine to open on the bus ride home, but better judgment got in the way of fun times. someone else didn’t let that happen and shared a bottle with the people sitting around her.

when we got back to northampton we were exhausted, but starving, liz wanted to come straight home for some leftover mexican, but i pressured her into going to eat at “paul & elizabeth’s” because i sure did not want to wait out the 45 minute drive home for cold leftover beans and chicken.

we are totally going again next year.

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