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this job kicks my ass.

October 1, 2007

see, now, i wouldn’t think that anyone would care if a medical record encounter form was two-sided or one-sided . . . or if the two-sided form was up-side-down on the back.  i am very detail oriented, to the point that it can annoy people, but this—this is just plain controlling and petty.

for real.  it was a well-visit encounter form.  dr. likes the forms to be two-sided so that the charts take up less space (what????  using two pieces of paper in a chart instead of both sides of one over a patient’s lifetime could be 5 pages more, 8 tops!!) , on top of this she thinks that it looks unprofessional to have a form that is not photocopied a certain way.  holy fucking shit.  how does dr. even have time to think long enough about it to care??

our intern copied  a ton of these forms (oops, up-side-down on one side).  it was not enough for dr. to bitch about it, she also had to insist the these forms be tossed, and that r rewrite the documentation for three visits so that the forms could be a certain way in the carts.

i must have spent 45 minutes today, half telling r just to fix whatever and let it go, and the other half telling dr. that she can’t sweat all the small stuff.  what a fucking big fat waste of my time.

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