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junky weknesday

September 26, 2007

today was not a good wednesday.  i am so desperate to hire a new full-time emloyee it’s pathetic.  i had to be out of the office at a meeting, and i had to get two people who do not work on wednesdays to cover for me.  the meeting was good, not a waste of time, thank god.  but it left me feeling very distressed about the situation in the office.

because dr. is trying to run the practice on a shoe-string budget we are barely getting the minimum done.  i have been instituting procedures and policies little by little since i started, and dr. does not understand how much more work needs to be done.

i have been trying to get dr. to agree to replacing a receptionist who worked a day and a half a week, and she wants me to look for someone to only work on wednesdays.  fat chance.  we need a full timer.  i need to be able to get some practice managment work done — not just answer the phones and make appointments all day.  so, i decided tomorrow i am going to put my foot down.  we will get someone in full time no matter what i have to do to get dr. to realize that it is important to me and her business.

i’ll tell ya’ how it goes down tomorrow.

the good news is: there was no lunch served at the meeting today so i had to pick up a yogurt and granola bar for lunch!  skinny clothes, here i come!!!

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