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crack-pipe tuesday

September 25, 2007

i am starting to wonder what people are smoking.

i looked at the clock at 2:00 wondering not only why it was not 5:00 yet . . . but also “how can today only be tuesday?!  for the love of all that is holy, it should be at least thursday!”

today was the second day in a row that dr. was called to the hospital on an emergency.  she had already been at the hospital most of the night.  dr. tends to be on the unpleasant side if she is tired, today she was over-tired.

here are some examples of how the day went:

  • patient calls with a complaint of swelling in the “vaj-in-ee-ah”
  • after canceling and rescheduling all of the morning patients because dr. was at the hospital, dr. decides she is too tired to see the after lunch patients 10 minutes before the 2:00 appointment, we had to cancel all of them
  • r was sitting staring into space . . .  i ask r “do you have some work to do?” r responds “yes” r continues to stare into space.  a long 20 seconds pass.  i say “well, can you do some of it??”  r says “o.k.” and gets to work
  • scheduled a stat surgery for 7:00 am tomorrow, in order to do so i had to call two different surgeon’s offices several times over the span of an hour negotiating the available or slot, i then spent 15 minutes on the phone with the intended patient to convince the patient of the importance of showing up at the hospital for surgery tomorrow (this involved the words “infection” “hospitalization” “potentially life threatening”)

because almost everyone i came into contact with today was obviously high on drugs i did not get much work done.  wednesday i have a meeting all day out of the office.  so, on thursday i will be doing all of my work for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday (because we are short staffed on fridays and i have to work at the front desk and answer phones all day friday).  it is an exciting life i lead.

the good news is: i had no time for lunch or to eat a snack, that means i may have lost some weight today.

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