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heart-attack monday

September 24, 2007

oh, crap . . . work got to me this morning.  my previously high blood-pressure skyrocketed to insane levels.  we have a nurse practitioner in the office, at 10:30 i got a call from her insurance agent, the insurance agent said “did you realize j’s malpractice insurance policy expired last friday the 21st?”

(this is the point when i could actually feel my heart, the workings of which i am generally not aware of)

my answer was “no, i was not.  i will have to look into this.”

i have never dealt with any of the malpractice insurance for the practice.  i do not plan to ever have anything to do with the malpractice insurance in my current position.  this is a job for the providers and their lawyers to deal with . . . frankly, i am just not paid enough.

i decided not to incur the wrath of dr. by passing on this little fact.  i went straight to j.  j told me that dr. purchased a different policy for her.  okay fine.  no real problem, only the five years that were shaved off of my life.

the good news is that when i got on the scale this morning it read 194 pounds.

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